Messages from the President and Prime Minister on Labour Day


Islamabad: President of the Nation Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif have issued their messages on the occasion of Labor Day for the hardworking class.

According to details, the President and Prime Minister in their messages acknowledged the services of Pakistani workers and laborers, and presented them with appreciation and recognition for their contributions to the country.

President Asif Ali Zardari said that a conducive environment should be created in Pakistan for the working and labor class where their worth and dignity is acknowledged. Fair wages, safety and health measures for workers should be taken. He stated that efforts are being made to appreciate the tireless efforts of the hardworking class and laborers who are working tirelessly for the social and economic development of Pakistan.

Zardari further emphasized the need for better wages, safe working environments, health facilities, and educational opportunities for the children of workers to improve the conditions of the working class in Pakistan.

He also called for the eradication of exploitation of workers, initiation of programs for social protection, implementation of policies for the protection of rights, and emphasized the importance of state’s role in promoting occupational safety and health.

The President expressed hope that federal and provincial governments will play their role in protecting the rights of workers and initiating programs for social protection.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif highlighted the role of hardworking individuals in the country’s economy and development, emphasizing the importance of their contributions. He stated that through better living conditions, free education and health, and social protection initiatives, the government will continue to improve the livelihoods of workers.

He also mentioned the government’s commitment to convene a national labor conference soon and take steps at the government level to ratify the International Labor Organization’s convention for the protection and health of workers during mining operations.

Sharif acknowledged the challenges faced by Pakistan due to the current economic situation but assured that the government is working to address the issues faced by the working class through subsidies, social protection programs, and poverty alleviation initiatives.

He also stressed the need for sustainable economic growth and the importance of hard work and determination to revitalize the economy.

Sharif expressed hope that the current positive trends in the economy will lead to further economic activities and create more job opportunities, necessitating the need for skilled and competent individuals. The government has initiated various projects to promote technical and vocational skills among the youth to bring individuals to international standards.


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