Massive Brazilian crowds show strong support for Bolsonaro amidst coup investigation | Latest updates on Jair Bolsonaro


Brazil’s former president, Jair Bolsonaro, mobilized tens of thousands of supporters in a show of political strength amidst ongoing investigations into an alleged coup attempt. The rally in Sao Paulo was in response to a police raid targeting the ex-president, who denied the accusations and criticized his ban from seeking office for eight years.

Bolsonaro addressed his supporters on Paulista Avenue, emphasizing that his actions did not meet the criteria for a coup and calling for fair treatment in the political arena. The former president faces multiple investigations, including accusations of falsifying documents and inciting violence against government officials.

Despite being disqualified from running for office until 2030, Bolsonaro remains a significant figure in Brazilian politics and a rival to current President Lula. The upcoming mayoral elections are expected to be contested between candidates aligned with either Bolsonaro or Lula, reflecting the ongoing polarization in the country.

The rally, marked by the waving of Brazilian flags and criticisms of Lula’s policies, aimed to demonstrate Bolsonaro’s enduring popularity and influence as a political figure. Amidst legal challenges and potential imprisonment, Bolsonaro seeks to maintain support and shape the future political landscape in Brazil.


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