Life in Gaza City persists amidst the Israel-Palestine conflict: Shopping, queuing for bread, and searching for water


Gaza City, Gaza – Once again, the residents of Gaza endure another night of sleeplessness and wake up to the devastating aftermath of Israeli attacks. Israeli forces have relentlessly bombed the besieged Gaza Strip from air, land, and sea since October 7, resulting in a staggering loss of lives and widespread destruction.

The government media office in Gaza reveals that over 18,000 tonnes of explosives have been dropped on the blockaded territory since the start of the Israeli assault. For the past three weeks, each kilometer within the Gaza Strip has been subjected to around 50 tonnes of explosives, according to the media office.

The Palestinian authorities report that more than 8,500 Palestinians have been killed, including over 3,500 children. There are also 1,870 people missing, with 1,020 of them being children believed to be buried under the rubble. The intensity of the Israeli bombardment has resulted in entire neighborhoods being leveled, as well as densely populated refugee camps being targeted.

In the Shati (Beach) refugee camp, located west of Gaza City, Ahmad Ghaben surveyed the destruction where homes once stood. He laments the loss of life and shares the devastating reality faced by residents. Their lives have been shattered; families like Abu Mohammed al-Jabari’s and Abu Mohammed Abdelsamad’s are no more. Even the Hassouneh family, which had elderly and sick members, did not escape the devastating missiles. Ahmad questions the reasoning behind such attacks, as the people of Gaza are civilians, not an army.

The impact of Israel’s ruthless assault is felt beyond the physical destruction. Supermarkets struggle to keep their shelves stocked due to the total siege imposed by Israel, severely limiting supplies of water, food, fuel, and electricity. Access to network connectivity has also been restricted. Despite the rubble scattered throughout Gaza City, its streets are not deserted. Residents persevere and carry on with their daily lives, searching for basic necessities like clean water and bread, patiently waiting in long queues at bakeries. Some residents seek out gas canisters for cooking, while others attempt to make a living by setting up makeshift stalls along the streets.

The message from the resilient residents of Gaza is clear: they understand that life must go on, and they are determined to live it to the best of their abilities.


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