Government Keeps Petrol and HSD Prices Unchanged – Business


The current prices of petrol and high-speed diesel (HSD) will remain unchanged for the next two weeks, according to the caretaker government. However, the prices of kerosene oil and light-diesel oil have been reduced, with a decrease of Rs3.82 and Rs3.4 per litre, respectively. The reduction in prices is mainly due to the strengthening of the rupee against the dollar, as well as a decrease in the average price of diesel and an increase in the average price of petrol. Previously, on October 16, the caretaker government had implemented a significant reduction in the price of petrol and HSD, citing the stability of the rupee as the primary reason. HSD is widely used in the transportation sector and is considered to have a significant impact on inflation, particularly in the prices of vegetables and other food items.


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