Lahore: Police kill dacoit who murdered daughter in front of father yesterday


Two dacoits killed by police during encounter in Lahore’s Shahdra Town. The dacoits, who had killed a girl in front of her father during a robbery the previous day, were brothers. According to Express News, both dacoits were shot dead by the police during a shootout in the city. The police confirmed that the deceased dacoits, Haider and Abbas, had a criminal record.

In Lahore, 18-year-old Aniqa was shot by the dacoits while she was coming to get milk with her father the previous day. Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz had taken notice of the girl’s murder in front of her father in Lahore and had asked the Inspector General of Police for a report. She had also instructed the authorities to promptly arrest the culprits involved and had stated that such individuals are a curse on society and should be brought to justice.

After the police operation, the residents of Shahdra Town protested in favor of the police and celebrated the successful operation while the police conducted a flag march for the safety of the citizens. It was reported that the Topi Gang had killed a police constable a few days ago by firing at him, and had taken away the constable’s government rifle.

The Topi Gang had killed five people and injured many during robberies in the past few days, keeping the areas of Shahdra Town, Shahdra, and nearby areas on high alert.


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