Khyber: Most Wanted Terrorist Involved in Attacks on Police and Student Abduction Killed


In a terror attack in Khyber, 2 police officers were martyred, sources said.

Khyber: A highly wanted terrorist was killed in firing by police and security personnel.
According to sources, on April 25, during an operation by forces in Khyber, a highly wanted terrorist Azmat was killed in firing.
The killed terrorist had abducted 4 students from Jamrud and persuaded them to join a banned organization. The terrorist had transferred all four students to Afghanistan, where 2 of them are being trained in terrorism.
According to sources, a student returning from Afghanistan was arrested. The bounty on the head of the killed terrorist Azmat was in the millions, who was involved in attacks on security forces and target killing. In the terrorist attack, 2 police officers were martyred in Khyber.


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