Autopsy Confirms Physical Torture and Suggests Sexual Assault in Khairpur Maid Case


An autopsy conducted on the body of a 9-year-old girl in Khairpur, Pakistan has confirmed signs of physical torture and suggests possible sexual assault. The girl, who worked as a domestic maid in a local mansion, was found dead under suspicious circumstances earlier this week.

The girl’s mother, Shabnam Khatoon, filed a complaint with the police, leading to an investigation into the case. A medical board was formed by the Khairpur police to exhume the victim’s body and conduct a post-mortem analysis, which has now been completed.

Based on the findings of the medical board, the Ranipur station house officer (SHO), head muharrar, doctor, and compounder, who were all part of the investigation, will be remanded. The Deputy Inspector General (DIG) further stated that other children employed at the mansion will be rescued and sent home immediately. A police camp will also be set up at the mansion to collect DNA samples from the men residing there.

Police have taken the doctor into custody, although it is yet to be determined whether they had any role in the case. Additional suspects, including the Ranipur SHO, have also been detained. Their identities will be disclosed at the appropriate time to ensure fairness.

The medical report, signed by multiple doctors, highlighted the advanced decomposition of the girl’s body and the presence of physical injuries. The report noted bluish and greenish discoloration on her face, as well as bruising on various parts of her body, suggesting antemortem injuries. The doctors’ vaginal and anal examinations indicate possible penetration, and samples have been collected for laboratory analysis.

The case came to light when videos of a girl with torture marks went viral. The police obtained these videos and met with social activists to investigate the matter further. The girl’s father initially claimed that she had a stomach-related ailment, but later, suspicions of torture emerged after her death. The police arrested a key suspect in the case, and another teenage housemaid has come forward alleging torture by the same individuals.

The investigation into this horrifying case is ongoing, and the authorities are committed to ensuring justice for the young victim and holding the responsible parties accountable.


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