Karachi: Three Robbers Arrested for Burglary in Houses and Kidnapping


In Karachi, the Sargodha police arrested 3 individuals involved in house robbery and kidnapping by posing as law enforcement officials. According to SSP West Shahid Masih, on the night of September 22, 2023, in Sargodha Sector Sion D, the suspects entered the house of a civilian named Shah Zul Rahman, claiming to be officials from a law enforcement agency. They stole cash and mobile phones from the house and also abducted Rahman, later abandoning him on the street after receiving ransom money.

The police subsequently registered a case based on the victim’s complaint. Yesterday, acting on a tip-off, Sargodha police conducted a raid and arrested the 3 suspects involved in robbery and kidnapping. The accused were identified as Zeeshan Shah, Khizar, and Rahil. The arrested individuals have been handed over to the investigation team for further legal action and interrogation.


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