Israeli forces carry out intense bombings near Gaza hospitals during blackout amidst Israel-Palestine conflict


Israel is conducting heavy shelling near multiple hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip, causing officials in the besieged region to report a cut in communications and internet services. The largest hospital in Gaza, Al Shifa, has been particularly affected by the strikes. Hamas government media office head Salama Maarouf stated that the bombings seemed to be targeting the hospital, as thousands of people have fled to seek shelter there. The Israeli military accused Hamas of using hospitals for their military campaign, a charge that Hamas has denied. The Israeli army confirmed the strikes, claiming that their ground assault had divided Gaza into north and south. Meanwhile, there has been a collapse in connectivity in Gaza, leaving the majority of the UN Palestinian refugee agency team members without communication. Concerns have also been raised by the World Health Organization about the safety of patients, health workers, and those seeking shelter in hospitals. Since the start of the war, numerous health facilities have been damaged, and hospitals have had to reduce services due to electricity and fuel shortages. The current death toll in Gaza stands at 9,770, including 4,008 children, and over 1.5 million people have been displaced.


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