Israel Defense Forces Attempt to Enter Gaza; 5 Soldiers, Including Officer, Killed


During the attempted ground assault on Gaza by Israel, 42 soldiers have been killed by Hamas so far, Photo: File

Gaza: After the aerial action by Israel, a threat to carry out a ground operation by entering Gaza through ground routes was given, and while the Zionist state’s reserve force is trying to proceed with the operation, they are always facing a setback.

According to Israeli media, the military spokesman has confirmed that during the ground combat with Hamas in Gaza, 5 more soldiers have been killed, including one officer and a battalion commander has been severely injured.

It has been further reported in the Times of Israel that the number of Israeli soldiers killed in the reserve force’s operation in Gaza has reached 42, while around two dozen have been injured.

Hamas had carried out a sudden and unexpected attack on Israel on October 7, in which 1,400 Israelis were killed, mostly consisting of soldiers, and more than 250 Israelis were taken as hostages and brought to Gaza.

After this attack, Israel has been continuously carrying out a series of bombings in the southern area of Gaza, with the number of Palestinian casualties exceeding 12,000, while more than 25,000 have been injured.

Half of the casualties and injuries in Gaza are children and women, despite more than a month having passed, Israel has imposed blockades in Gaza, causing disruption in the supply of electricity, food, water, and fuel.

Foreign aid has also been restricted due to pressure from Qatar’s mediation and the United Nations, but even that has been given on a very limited scale.

So far, only more than 500 foreigners have been allowed to enter Egypt from Gaza for medical treatment. In this whole situation, Gaza has become a prison where Israel has been indiscriminately bombing for a month.

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