Imran Khan Is The Most Patriotic Leader Said The Public In This Poll


Understanding Public Opinion: Survey Results on Pakistan’s Leadership

In a recent online survey, a significant number of participants shared their opinions on various aspects of leadership in Pakistan. The survey, which attracted a diverse range of respondents, posed four critical questions about popular leadership, trust, patriotism, and overall benefit for the nation. Here’s what we found out:

Who is the Most Popular Leader?
A whopping 97.7% of the 18,208 respondents identified Imran Khan as the most popular leader, leaving General Asim Munir, Nawaz Sharif, and Asif Zardari with marginal percentages. The bar chart below illustrates this overwhelming preference.

Who Do People Trust the Most?
When asked about trust, 98.7% of 15,158 respondents expressed their faith in Imran Khan, significantly outstripping the other candidates. This result underscores Khan’s strong perceived reliability among the populace.

Who Is Considered the Most Patriotic?
The survey also revealed that 98.7% of 15,190 participants see Imran Khan as the most patriotic figure, a sentiment that reflects a profound nationalistic association with his leadership.

Who is Better for Pakistan?
Finally, when contemplating the overall benefit to Pakistan, an astonishing 99% of 15,445 respondents favored Imran Khan. This outcome suggests a broad consensus on Khan’s positive impact on the nation’s welfare.

The survey results paint a clear picture: Imran Khan stands out as the most favored leader across all the questioned domains, reflecting a deep-rooted belief in his leadership among the survey participants.


  1. It should be eye opener for army chief but crime committed during past few months against own nation big hurdle. Fear of own future make him thought less.

  2. At present, there is no leader in Pakistan who can compete with Imran Khan, no general, no such principle, Imran Khan is a vision, a thought. you guys We have to support Imran Khan on social media. We are standing with Imran Khan till the last threat of blood. Inshallah, with our blood and the power of our votes, we will give some trouble to these friends, to these journals, to the judges, to these thieves and robbers. Now we will never accept these American slaves nor these thieves May Allah Pak keep Imran Khan among his Muslims and give Imran Khan the life of us also.


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