Hamas releases new video of Israeli soldier held captive in Gaza


Photo: Video grab

Gaza: The Palestinian resistance organization Hamas has released a new video of an Israeli captive in Gaza. The nearly three-minute video, released by Hamas’ military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, features American citizen Gilad Berg Pollen, who criticizes the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government severely.

Addressing the Israeli government, Pollen said, “You should immediately bring us back to our homes and seek a way for our release, fulfilling the conditions of Palestinians for the release of all prisoners.”

Speaking to Netanyahu, the Israeli captive said, “You have left us at the mercy of the situation for 200 days, the Israeli government should be ashamed, all the efforts of the military have failed, you should be ashamed because you reject the proposals put forward by Palestinians.”

Pollen further said, “When you host lunchtime parties with your dog, think about us. Those who are being kept under guard below the ground without food, water, or sunlight in hell.”

Demanding the resignation of the Israeli government, Pollen said, “It is time to hand over power to those who can set us free from captivity.”

Following the release of the video, a group representing the families of Israeli captives in Gaza said, “The time is running out to ensure the return of all prisoners.” In a statement, the group said, “With each passing day, the fear of losing more innocent lives is growing stronger, immediate decisions are needed to ensure the safe return of our loved ones after this disturbing video.”


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