Gaza protest at Columbia campus intensifies, prompting New York City police to intervene | Protests News


Police detained protesters as they made their way towards Hamilton Hall and the main campsite on the Columbia University campus in response to student occupation. The escalation occurred late on Tuesday night, with a significant number of New York City police officers entering the campus. The police action was authorized by Columbia University shortly before their arrival. The protests were part of a larger movement against Israel’s actions in Gaza, with Columbia being a focal point for student activism.

The officers approached Hamilton Hall, which had been renamed “Hind’s Hall” in memory of a young Palestinian girl killed in Gaza. The police were seen wearing riot gear and barricading off multiple blocks. As they moved in to clear out the building and protest encampment, they tied the hands of protesters and led them away.

Mayor Eric Adams and city police officials claimed that the takeover of Hamilton Hall was influenced by outside agitators, an assertion that was disputed by student leaders involved in the protest. The protesters are demanding accountability from the university regarding its ties to Israel and seeking amnesty for participating students. The situation, which has resulted in arrests, comes amidst a backdrop of growing protests at universities across the US.


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