G7 Urges ‘Humanitarian Ceasefires’ in Israel’s Bombing of Gaza | News on Israel-Palestine Conflict


G7 foreign ministers urge humanitarian action in Gaza, balancing criticism of Hamas, support for Israel
The foreign ministers of the G7 have come together to call for “humanitarian pauses” in Israel’s bombardment of Gaza in order to deliver aid to the civilians in desperate need. They condemned Hamas and expressed support for Israel’s right to defend itself, but also emphasized the urgent need to help civilians in Gaza who are lacking essentials such as food, water, medical care, and shelter.
The ministers also denounced the increase in extremist settler violence against Palestinians and expressed concern about the impact on the security in the West Bank and the prospects for lasting peace.
The United Nations agency reported that thousands of Palestinians are fleeing south on foot in Gaza due to shortages of food and water. Hospitals in the enclave are struggling to operate amid shortages of fuel and medical supplies, and the UN has warned that Gaza’s health, sanitation, water, and food services are nearing a “breaking point.”
The G7 diplomats met in Tokyo and released a statement urging for immediate action to assist the civilians in Gaza and to support humanitarian pauses to facilitate aid delivery and civilian movement. They also acknowledged that thousands of Palestinians have been killed and displaced in the ongoing violence.


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