Greek Wildfires Rage for Ninth Consecutive Day, Forcing Fresh Evacuations


Firefighters in Greece are tirelessly battling a wildfire that has been raging for nine consecutive days, prompting the evacuation of more areas in the country’s north. The devastating fire has been particularly intense in the region of Evros, near the port town of Alexandroupoli and the border with Turkey.

On Sunday, residents of Lefkimmi in Evros and Kassitera in the neighboring region of Rhodopes were ordered to leave their homes due to the rapidly spreading inferno. Dimitris Petrovic, the deputy regional governor of Evros, described the situation as “very difficult,” with significant damage already caused. The region has called for additional resources and reinforcements as the winds are expected to change direction starting Monday.

The fires have already claimed the lives of at least 20 people suspected to be migrants, including two children. The Evros region serves as a regular entry point for migrants from neighboring Turkey, and local border guards had warned about the possibility of asylum seekers being trapped by the fires. In addition, a shepherd died in another fire in Boeotia, north of Athens, on Monday.

The inferno is also devouring the Dadia forest, which is one of Europe’s most important bird of prey sanctuaries. According to the European Union, the Alexandroupoli wildfires are now the largest in the EU for 2023 and the second largest since 2000.

Meanwhile, Mount Parnitha, located near Athens, is also facing a dangerous fire that continues to destroy vegetation in the area.


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