Former officer of Wapda Narrowly Escapes Bandits during Honey Trip


The rawalpindi police received information that robbers, who had extorted two crore rupees from a citizen in the Kachay area of Kashmore district, had fled after committing the crime. The perpetrators, involved in the kidnapping and extortion of the citizen, threw his body in the Nall police station area of Kashmore, and then fled. The Sindh police informed the Araya Bazaar police station in Rawalpindi, who then confirmed the identity of the deceased and arranged for his body to be transferred to Rawalpindi for further investigation.

The elderly former government officer, Agha Sahil Khan, had been kidnapped and extorted for two months for two crore rupees starting in March of the previous year. During the investigation, the family of the victim received calls from unknown numbers, demanding ransom money, ranging from two to fifteen lakh rupees. The perpetrators managed to extort up to one crore sixty lakh rupees within a span of two months. Efforts to recover the ransom money and apprehend the criminals were ongoing, with the Nall police station in Kashmore being notified of the situation.

Upon receiving the information, the Rawalpindi police sent a team to Kashmore to confirm the details of the deceased and bring back his body for further investigation. It was revealed that the deceased was Agha Sahil Ali Khan, a resident of Tench Bhatta, and his case of abduction for ransom was registered with case number 220/24 at the Araya Bazaar police station. The investigation revealed that the deceased did not have any visible signs of gunshot wounds or injuries, leading the police to believe that his death may have been due to natural causes, given his advanced age and medical history.

The police are currently cooperating with the Sindh police to gather more evidence and conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause of death and apprehend the perpetrators. The ongoing operations against robbers in the Kachay area of Sindh and Punjab are part of a larger effort to combat crime in the region.


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