European Union Politicians Support New Regulations on Artificial Intelligence Prior to Historic Vote | Tech News


The European Parliament has approved new rules to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) in order to protect “fundamental rights”. The AI Act aims to set boundaries for the technology and ensure it complies with fundamental rights, while also promoting innovation and establishing Europe as a leader in the field. The legislation, which is scheduled for a vote in April, is seen as a global benchmark for governments looking to harness AI’s potential benefits while protecting against risks such as disinformation and job displacement.

The law will regulate AI systems used in various industries and by security and police forces. It will also require transparency obligations for AI systems before they are put on the market, and impose rules on data disclosure and product testing for tech companies operating in the EU. The legislation bans indiscriminate scraping of images from the internet for facial recognition databases, with exemptions for law enforcement use in investigating terrorism and serious crimes.

The AI Act has been hailed as a significant step towards having comprehensive rules on AI in Europe, and has garnered support from MEPs and EU countries. The legislation is expected to have an impact on tech innovation and the use of AI in various sectors.


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