EU Leaders Advocate for ‘Humanitarian Ceasefires’ and Aid Corridors in Gaza Under Siege | Latest Updates on the Israel-Palestine Conflict.


European Union leaders have issued a declaration in response to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The declaration calls for a halt in the fighting to establish humanitarian corridors and provide much-needed aid to Gaza. It acknowledges the gravely deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza and emphasizes the need for rapid, safe, and unhindered access to humanitarian aid. The EU leaders express concern over the dire conditions in Gaza caused by Israeli bombardment and siege, and the criticism from Middle Eastern countries regarding Israel’s campaign. The declaration also reiterates previous calls for the release of captives without any preconditions and acknowledges Israel’s right to self-defense in accordance with international law. However, some find these statements contradictory as Israel continues devastating airstrikes resulting in significant civilian casualties. The US has also faced criticism for casting doubt on Gaza’s casualty figures. The healthcare system in Gaza is stretched to its limits due to limited access to medical supplies and fuel shortages. While some aid has been provided through Egypt’s crossing, it is insufficient to address the widespread suffering in Gaza, as described by the UN chief.


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