Emergency session convened by UNGA following deadlock in UNSC.


The emergency special session on the Israel-Palestine conflict has begun at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), as the Security Council remains deadlocked and conditions in Gaza deteriorate. The meeting was called by Arab and OIC groups after vetoed resolutions prevented the Security Council from taking action. UN agencies on the ground report a grave situation in Gaza, with critical supplies and resources running out. The General Assembly has the authority to convene an emergency special session under the “Uniting for Peace” resolution. The Assembly is non-binding but carries moral and political weight. Over 100 member states, including Pakistan, are scheduled to speak during the session. A resolution led by Jordan calling for peace in the conflict will be voted on Friday night. Pakistan’s UN Ambassador is expected to call for an immediate ceasefire, protection of civilians in Gaza, and unrestricted aid delivery. UNGA President Dennis Francis expressed deep concern over the violence, urging a ceasefire and the opening of aid corridors. He condemned Israel’s indiscriminate targeting of civilians and destruction of infrastructure. The priority, according to Francis, should be to protect civilian lives, abide by International Humanitarian Law, and ensure lifesaving assistance reaches those in need. Palestine’s UN Ambassador Riyad Mansour highlighted the dire conditions in Gaza and called for urgent humanitarian aid. He criticized Israel’s actions and emphasized the need for justice for the Palestinian people. Ambassador Mansour urged the UN membership to vote for an end to the killing and to save lives.


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