‘Escape from the Russia-Ukraine War: The Indian Man who Crawled with a Bullet in his Head’


Prince Sebastian’s life was almost taken by a tangled gun strap in Luhansk, Ukraine while fighting for the Russian army. Originally a fisherman from Kerala, India, Prince found himself in a warzone far from home. Despite the harrowing experience, he managed to escape and return to his coastal village near Thiruvananthapuram.

Prince and his cousins had migrated to Russia in search of better job opportunities due to the declining fishing industry in their hometown. However, they were deceived by recruiters and forced to join the Russian army. Prince endured training and experienced the horrors of war firsthand, surviving a grenade explosion and a gunshot wound to his ear.

After escaping from the battlefield, Prince spent 10 days in hospitals before finally returning home. He faced challenges with repaying loans taken out for the recruiter and ongoing health issues from his injuries. Despite the hardships, he is grateful for a second chance at life and is determined to rebuild in his village.

The story of Prince highlights the vulnerability of Indian migrants who fall victim to job scams overseas, as well as the struggles faced by many young Indians in search of better opportunities. Despite the difficulties, Prince finds solace in his family and community, choosing to stay and rebuild rather than seek opportunities abroad again.


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