Escalating Cross-Border Exchange Leads to Israeli Strikes in Southern Lebanon | Latest News on Israel’s Conflict with Gaza


Hezbollah has rejected the Israeli claim that half of their commanders in southern Lebanon have been killed amid escalating tensions. The Israeli military stated they targeted around 40 sites in southern Lebanon, including storage facilities used by Hezbollah. Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant claimed significant success in their operations, but Hezbollah has dismissed the assertion as propaganda.

According to Hezbollah, Israeli strikes have resulted in the deaths of approximately 250 fighters in Lebanon, with an additional 30 killed in neighboring Syria. Both sides have suffered civilian casualties as well. Hezbollah recently held a funeral for senior commander Hussein Azkoul, who was killed by Israeli forces earlier in the week. Hezbollah praised Azkoul for his contributions to the group’s drone and missile capabilities.

The recent drone attack by Hezbollah on Israeli military bases prompted Israeli strikes on Lebanese villages, leading to further retaliation by Hezbollah firing rockets into Israeli communities. The violence, though intense, has remained concentrated near the Israeli-Lebanese border with occasional strikes into Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

The ongoing conflict has resulted in casualties on both sides and has raised concerns about the escalation of hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah.


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