Educational institutions will continue to be closed on Monday.


KARACHI: The Sindh government has officially declared a holiday for all educational institutions across the province in observance of Shab-e-Barat, which falls on the 15th night of the ongoing Islamic month, Shaban.

As per a notification, educational institutions under the administrative control of Sindh schools and college departments will remain closed on Monday (February 26).

This decision applies to both private and public schools and colleges to ensure a consistent observance of the occasion.

The holiday was announced in accordance with decisions made by Sindh’s sub-committee of the steering committee on education.

Shab-e-Barat (the night of forgiveness) is considered the holiest night between the 14th (March 7) and 15th of Shaban, where Muslims seek forgiveness from Allah.

Special religious gatherings will take place nationwide, and individuals will visit graveyards to pray at the graves of their loved ones.

Muslims globally observe the night of the 15th Shaban with religious fervor, offering nawafil in mosques and engaging in special prayers.


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