Critics argue US port plan to increase Gaza aid delivery is a distraction from Israel’s conflict with Gaza


Critics have lambasted the United States’ plan to build a temporary port off Gaza’s coast as nothing more than a distraction from the dire famine affecting hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, worsened by Israel obstructing aid operations to the enclave.

While US President Joe Biden announced in his State of the Union speech that the US military would lead an emergency mission to establish a “temporary pier” to receive humanitarian aid, many have raised concerns about the lack of concrete action to address the root cause of the crisis in Gaza.

Critics argue that the plan is more about public relations than a genuine effort to alleviate the suffering in Gaza, especially considering the US’ continued support for Israel, despite its role in blocking aid deliveries to the region. Furthermore, some believe that air and sea access alone cannot replace the essential aid delivery that can only be achieved through the existing land crossings.

International observers, including the United Nations, have stressed the importance of utilizing existing land crossings like Karem Abu Salem and Rafah, which have proven effective in the past for aid delivery to Gaza. The UN has called for a ceasefire to allow for the influx of much-needed humanitarian assistance, as Israel’s control over Gaza’s coast and territorial waters has severely restricted access to the region for years.

As Israel continues to block aid shipments and maintain its naval blockade on Gaza’s port, the crisis in the enclave continues to spiral, with tragic incidents such as the recent killing and injuring of Palestinian civilians waiting for food aid highlighting the urgency of the situation.


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