Congratulation to successful members of the assembly in Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s by-elections.


Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has stated that instead of accusations, the path of political cooperation should be followed. In a statement issued from the Prime Minister’s Office, he congratulated the successful candidates in the recent by-elections in the National Assembly and provincial assemblies, stating that they will not leave any shortcomings in serving the people.

He mentioned that the victory of the newly elected members of the Muslim League (N) in the by-elections is a testament to the people’s trust. He expressed gratitude to the people who voted for the Muslim League (N) in the by-elections.

The Prime Minister assured the public that they will strive to fully earn their trust with complete honesty and hard work, and highlighted the visible economic improvements and changes in public opinion. He emphasized that the success of the Muslim League (N) candidates signifies government services aimed at improving the economy, reducing inflation, and enhancing foreign relations.

He stated that with the economic improvements and increase in public relief, there will be further changes in public opinion, and that economic predictions from global financial institutions, credible organizations, and services have also positively influenced public perception.

After February 8, opposition non-political views have disappointed their supporters and the public, but it is part of the electoral process to accept both victories and defeats. Instead of accusations, the path of political cooperation should be followed as it is a democratic approach, and any shortcomings or protests in the electoral process can be resolved through mutual cooperation and political dialogue.


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