Ceasefire Negotiations in Gaza at Standstill as Israel and Hamas Refuse to Budge | Latest Updates on Israel’s Conflict with Gaza


Ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas, aimed at securing a truce and the release of captives, are facing obstacles as both sides remain firm on their demands. Israel’s refusal to allow displaced residents to return to their homes in Gaza and Hamas’s insistence on a complete Israeli military withdrawal before releasing captives are key issues causing the negotiations to stall.

Qatar, along with the United States and Egypt, has been facilitating talks behind the scenes, but progress has been slow. Qatar’s Prime Minister highlighted the return of internally displaced people and the number of Palestinian prisoners to be released as major sticking points. However, he expressed optimism that these issues could be resolved.

Hamas’s senior political leader reiterated the group’s conditions for a ceasefire, including a permanent end to the war, the return of displaced people to their homes, lifting the blockade on Gaza, and achieving an honorable prisoner exchange deal. Israel, on the other hand, has shown interest only in a temporary truce.

Despite ongoing discussions, both parties have blamed each other for the lack of progress in reaching a deal. The recent Israeli strike that killed aid workers in Gaza has not derailed ceasefire talks, according to US officials. The UN has suspended movements at night in Gaza to evaluate security issues but continues its humanitarian operations during the day.


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