Capt Retd Anwarul Haq Appointed as Islamabad Chief Commissioner


The Establishment Division has recently announced the appointment of Captain Retired Muhammad Anwarul Haq as the new Chief Commissioner of Islamabad. This decision comes after his successful tenure as the Rawalpindi Commissioner. In light of this appointment, Noorul Ameen Mengal has been directed to report to the Establishment Division.

The government has made significant changes within the bureaucracy, aiming to enhance administrative efficiency. In line with this, Grade 22 officer Kamran Ali Afzal has been appointed as the Cabinet Secretary. Furthermore, Sajid Baloch has been appointed as the special secretary for the Cabinet Division, Abdullah Khan Sunbal as the additional secretary in charge of the Ministry of Interior, Hassan Nasir as the IT Secretary, Momin Ali Agha as the additional secretary for petroleum, Captain Retd Mehmood as the additional secretary for food, and Shehzad Khan Bangash as the Secretary of Housing and Works.

These strategic appointments are expected to bring fresh perspectives and expertise to their respective roles, contributing to the development and progress of Islamabad and the various ministries they are associated with.


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