Canadian Prime Minister urges Israel to stop “killing of babies” in Israel-Palestine conflict


Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, has strongly urged Israel to exercise maximum restraint in its war on Gaza and put an end to the killing of women, children, and babies in the besieged Gaza Strip. His sharp criticism of Israel garnered a furious response from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who insisted that Hamas was responsible for civilian deaths.

Trudeau emphasized that the world is watching and called for an end to the killing of civilians, while also acknowledging Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas. He also called on Hamas to stop using civilians as human shields and release all hostages taken on October 7.

Netanyahu, on the other hand, defended Israel’s actions and claimed that it was Hamas that was deliberately targeting civilians. He stressed that Israel was doing everything to keep civilians out of harm’s way.

Trudeau has also expressed concern over the mounting death toll in Gaza and called for a significant humanitarian pause in the conflict to allow for the release of hostages and the delivery of aid to address civilian needs.

The international community has condemned Israel’s attacks on hospitals, including the al-Shifa Hospital, and called for them to be investigated as potential war crimes.

Trudeau’s remarks have sparked a clash between Canada and Israel, highlighting the ongoing tensions surrounding the conflict in Gaza.


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