Cafe explosion in Bengaluru, India leaves 8 injured, officials report – Global News


At least eight individuals were injured in Bengaluru’s technology hub when a suspected homemade bomb detonated during lunch hour at Rameshwaram Cafe. The explosion occurred just after 1pm as nearby office workers were queuing up for a quick meal. The incident was described as a small explosion caused by an improvised explosive device left in a bag. Authorities stated that all eight injured individuals were receiving medical treatment and were not in critical condition. The cafe’s co-founder shared that there were two explosions within 10 seconds of each other, with the second blast occurring near the handwashing area. The cafe provided CCTV footage to aid in the investigation. Witnesses described a cloud of smoke inside the cafe, with injured individuals being assisted by employees. The scene was chaotic, with some individuals sustaining injuries on their arms and legs.


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