Bushra Bibi Raises Concerns for Imran Khan’s Safety in Attock Jail


Bushra Bibi, the wife of former prime minister Imran Khan, has expressed her fears that her husband may be at risk of being poisoned while in custody at District Jail Attock. Imran Khan was convicted on August 5th for concealing details of state gifts and was sentenced to three years in prison. Since his arrest, there have been concerns about the conditions he is being kept in, with his lawyer, Naeem Haider Panjutha, highlighting the poor treatment.

According to a letter written by Bushra Bibi, Imran’s life could be in danger, especially as he has been previously attacked. She believes that there is a high risk of him being poisoned through his food, as those responsible for previous attacks have still not been captured. She questions the reasoning behind his detention at the Attock jail, considering his status and accomplishments, such as being the former captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team, an alumnus of Oxford University, and the former prime minister of Pakistan.

Bushra Bibi points out that Imran is eligible for B-Class facilities within the prison, considering his stature and background. She criticizes the lack of basic amenities and the violation of his fundamental rights, including being denied home-cooked food. She believes that it is the jail authorities’ duty to provide all the necessary facilities within 48 hours, and she urges them to promptly provide Imran with B-Class facilities, access to home-cooked food, and the opportunity to consult his personal physician.

In her letter, Bushra Bibi also appeals to the provincial home secretary to conduct a thorough legal inquiry into the legality of Imran’s current detention. She emphasizes the need for his safety and well-being during his time in prison.

The concerns raised by Bushra Bibi highlight the importance of ensuring the humane treatment of prisoners and the adherence to proper protocols. The safety and well-being of all individuals, regardless of their status, should be a top priority for the authorities involved.


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