Two Main Accused in Recent Jaranwala Rampage Now in CTD Custody: Naqvi – Pakistan


The main accused in the Jaranwala rampage, where a mob torched several churches, ransacked Christian homes, and vandalized a graveyard, are now in the custody of the Counter Terrorism Department, according to Punjab caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi. The violent incident occurred on Wednesday, with hundreds of people participating in the attack. The Punjab government has deployed law enforcement agencies to control the situation and has ordered a high-level inquiry to investigate the incident. Naqvi has expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the chief secretary and police chief in swiftly arresting the main accused.

In a meeting with religious leaders, Naqvi announced the Punjab government’s commitment to restore all the damaged churches and homes, reaffirming that such incidents are against the teachings of Islam. He emphasized the need to prevent future attacks by fostering interfaith harmony and tolerance.

Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi held a press conference in Lahore to apologize for the violence and express solidarity with the Christian community. He condemned the actions of the attackers and called for their punishment. Ashrafi demanded immediate restoration of the vandalized places of worship and hoped that the interim prime minister would visit the affected areas to send a strong message that such violence is not supported by Muslims.

Archbishop Sebastian Shaw, while recounting the events leading to the violence, condemned the attack on Christian homes and churches. He urged the government to investigate and punish those responsible for the destruction. Chief of Army Staff General Asim Munir also condemned the violence, reiterating that all citizens of Pakistan are equal and will be protected by the law.

The National Commission for Human Rights conducted an inquiry into the incident and found that 17 churches were gutted, and around 80 homes were vandalized or damaged. The NCHR has called for special measures to prevent future hostilities and promote interfaith harmony in the region.

The two main accused have been booked under terrorism charges, and the police have made more than 100 arrests in connection with the violence. The government has taken steps to restore peace and calm in the area by deploying additional security personnel and imposing Section 144 to maintain order.

These incidents of violence and desecration are not representative of the true teachings of Islam, and the government is committed to protecting the rights and security of all its citizens.


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