Biden campaign staff members urge ceasefire in Israel-Hamas conflict


More than 500 former campaign staffers who helped elect Joe Biden in 2020 have joined together to urge the president to work towards a ceasefire in Gaza, putting an end to the violence that has killed more than 10,800 Palestinians. The letter, released on Thursday, adds to the growing calls for a de-escalation of the war in Gaza. Members of the campaign, grassroots organizations, and activists have been expressing opposition to the war as calls from various sources grow louder. The American Postal Workers Union also voiced support for a ceasefire, urging the government to use its power to protect innocent lives and bring about peace in the region. Earlier efforts have also been made from within the government, with USAID employees and Congress staffers in support of an end to hostilities.
Thursday’s letter highlighted the growing death toll in Gaza and the mass displacement of residents, as well as expressing concern over the risk of genocide in the conflict. Despite these calls for peace, Biden has shown unconditional support for Israel, requesting additional assistance for the country in the wake of the war. Biden has faced criticism for downplaying civilian casualties in Gaza, with calls for him to take immediate action to prevent his legacy from being remembered as one of genocide if no swift action is taken to address the situation.


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