Arrests made in FIR action involving mobile scams and banking fraud by suspects.


In Rawalpindi, the Federal Investigation Agency’s Cyber Crime wing has arrested three suspects involved in illegal activities related to mobile phone SIMs and microfinance banking fraud. According to details, FIA Cyber Crime Cell in Rawalpindi conducted a crackdown against those involved in illegal activities of Mobile Phone SIMs and microfinance banking fraud. They arrested three suspects and recovered a large number of mobile phone SIMs, thousands of silicon fingerprints, and electronic devices from different networks. The FIA Cyber Crime Cell in Rawalpindi took action on the complaint of PTI and cracked down on illegal activations and businesses of mobile phone SIMs in various areas of Rawalpindi.
The arrested suspects, including Fawad Khan, Khalil Jabran, and Jafar Hussain, were found in possession of 8 mobile phones, a laptop, five USB devices, 770 silicon fingerprint signs, 285 fingerprint signs, 11,000 digital thumbprints, and hundreds of mobile phone SIMs. Authorities stated that the suspects were involved in illegal activations of mobile phone SIMs and using clear silicon fingerprint signs to commit microfinance banking fraud. A case has been filed against the suspects and an investigation has been initiated, with the possibility of further revelations.


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