Arab American Community Rejects Biden Campaign’s Gaza Outreach Amid Israel’s War on Gaza


Arab Americans have expressed their anger towards President Joe Biden’s administration and his unwavering support for Israel amidst the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Many elected Arab-American officials in Michigan refused to meet with Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, arguing that discussions about electoral politics are inappropriate while a genocide is taking place. Abdullah Hammoud, the mayor of Dearborn, a Detroit suburb and home to a large Arab American population, expressed feeling betrayed by Biden’s support for Israel, as all four countries that are being bombed by the US and its Israeli allies have communities in Dearborn.

While Arab Americans in Michigan could play a significant role in the presidential elections as a swing state, their support for Biden is dwindling due to his backing of Israel. Biden has provided unconditional political and financial support to Israel, which has further worsened the situation in Gaza. Arab American voter support for Biden has dropped significantly, with many feeling that they cannot support a president who prioritizes the interests of Israel over humanitarian concerns.

Biden’s administration has been accused of contributing to the dehumanization of Palestinians and dismissing their suffering. The president’s stance on the crisis in Gaza has caused frustration and disappointment among Arab Americans, who feel that their concerns and voices have been largely ignored by the administration. The administration’s argument that a vote for Biden is necessary to prevent a return of Trump to the White House has been met with skepticism, as many believe that Biden’s position on Gaza undermines the core values of democracy and human rights.


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