Allan Donald, Bangladesh’s bowling coach, comments on Mathews’ dismissal


Allan Donald, the bowling coach of Bangladesh, recently commented on the “Timed Out” incident during the Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka match in Delhi. He expressed his immediate reaction, stating that his instinct was to step onto the field and stop his captain from going forward with his appeal.

During the match, Angelo Mathews became the first batter in the history of international cricket to be “Timed Out” after his helmet strap broke while taking guard against Bangladesh in the ongoing ICC World Cup 2023 match. Donald expressed his displeasure at the manner of dismissal, stating that the ‘Timed Out’ has no place in the cricket world.

He also expressed his disappointment at the incident, stating that it overshadowed a great win and that there was no place for it in the game. Donald also mentioned a previous incident where a player made a mistake but was not penalized, highlighting the inconsistency in enforcement.

Overall, Donald was not supportive of the appeal and expressed his discomfort with the incident during the interview.


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