Al Jazeera denounces new Israeli law, dismisses Netanyahu’s ‘falsehoods’ | Freedom of the Press News


A media network has strongly condemned the Israeli prime minister for making “slanderous accusations” that incite against the safety of its journalists worldwide. The Israeli parliament recently passed legislation allowing the closure of foreign networks in Israel if their content is deemed harmful to national security, prompting criticism from media organizations and press freedom advocates.

The Qatar-based news organization accused Netanyahu of making inflammatory statements against the network and its employees. The Committee to Protect Journalists expressed deep concern over the new law, citing previous attempts by Israeli officials to demonize journalists. The CPJ has documented the deaths of 95 journalists since the start of the war in Gaza, highlighting the danger faced by reporters in conflict zones.

The passing of the law comes amid ongoing protests in Israel against Netanyahu’s handling of the Gaza conflict and security breaches that led to Hamas attacks. The death toll in the war has been devastating, with thousands of civilians, including many children and women, killed or taken captive. The United States has reiterated its support for journalists reporting in Gaza and condemned any attempts to restrict press freedom.


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