Activists claim UCLA Palestine protest attacked after days of harassment by Israel War on Gaza News


Events at the pro-Palestine encampment at UCLA in Los Angeles proceeded calmly on Wednesday, despite tensions being high following a violent attack by pro-Israel counter-protesters during the night. Organizers set ground rules for those entering, including not engaging with police or journalists, ignoring counter-protesters, and maintaining a peaceful environment.

A spokesperson for the encampment, known only as Anna, described the brutal attack by pro-Israel protesters, which resulted in injuries and hospitalizations for many pro-Palestine demonstrators. She criticized the lack of intervention from campus security and law enforcement during the violent incident.

While a large police presence was observed on campus, the focus remained on the peaceful message of the protesters, who are demanding an end to university investments in companies linked to the conflict and for the termination of university relationships with Israeli institutions. The encampment aims to raise awareness of the ongoing violence in Gaza and the plight of Palestinians.

The attack on the encampment reflects the growing tensions on college campuses across the US regarding US support for Israel’s military offensive. The protests have been met with allegations of anti-Semitism, creating a contentious environment for Jewish students. Despite this, protesters continue to advocate for Palestinian rights and demand accountability for the violence they have faced.

In response to the attack, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and Governor Gavin Newsom condemned the violence and called for an independent investigation. However, protesters like Anna are urging politicians to do more to support their cause and ensure their rights to free speech are protected.


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