783 Days of the Russia-Ukraine War: A Comprehensive List of Key Events | Latest Updates on the Conflict


As the war continues into its 783rd day, here are the latest updates as of Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

Military Developments:
– Ukraine’s Air Force destroyed nine Russian drones in eastern and southern regions.
– The Institute for the Study of War warned that Russian troops were shifting tactics due to US delays in military assistance to Ukraine.
– Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a new mobilisation bill to address troop shortages.
– Ukraine’s Human Rights Commissioner raised concerns about missing persons and illegal detentions by Russia.

Political and Diplomatic News:
– German Chancellor Olaf Scholz asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to pressure Russia to end the war.
– A Ukrainian man filed a war crimes case in Argentina against Russian occupying forces.
– Russia’s FSB detained a man accused of attempting to kill a former Ukrainian security officer in Moscow.

Weapons Update:
– Ukraine ran out of defensive weapons to protect a key power plant, which was subsequently destroyed by Russian missiles.
– 20 countries pledged support for a Czech-led initiative to purchase ammunition for the Ukrainian army.


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