7 Suspects Arrested in Connection with Football Players’ Abduction in Balochistan’s Dera Bugti


Security forces have apprehended seven suspects following a search operation aimed at rescuing six football players who were abducted in Balochistan’s Dera Bugti district. The players were on their way to participate in the qualifying round of the All Pakistan Chief Minister Gold Cup Football tournament when they were taken captive by armed men in the Kachhi canal area of Sui Tehsil. Although 18 players were later released, six players from Dera Bugti and Sui areas were held by the kidnappers. The interim Interior Minister and Balochistan’s Home Minister have expressed serious concern over the incident and instructed officials to expedite efforts to recover the abducted players.

A major search operation is currently underway, with security forces sealing off the area. In addition, seven individuals have been detained for questioning as part of the investigation. Authorities are conducting searches along the Sindh and Punjab borders in an attempt to locate the abducted players. The interim Interior Minister has assured the public that the players will be recovered soon and emphasized that all necessary resources will be utilized to ensure their safe return. He also warned that those responsible for the kidnapping will face severe consequences for their actions.

The authorities are fully committed to resolving this case and bringing the culprits to justice. The safety and well-being of the abducted football players are of utmost importance, and every effort is being made to secure their release. The public is urged to remain vigilant and provide any information that may aid in the investigation. Together, we can help ensure the safety and security of our athletes and discourage such criminal activities.


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