499 raids result in arrest of 711 accused over 11-month period


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has increased its efforts to crack down on individuals involved in hawala-hundi and illegal currency exchange. According to an FIA spokesperson, 499 raids were carried out this year, resulting in 500 cases being registered and 711 individuals being arrested. A total of 61 inquiries were completed during this time. The arrests included 333 suspects in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) zone, 79 in Lahore zone, 24 in Gujranwala zone, 67 in Faisalabad zone, and 53 in the Multan zone. Additionally, 26 individuals were arrested in the Islamabad zone, 77 in Karachi zone, 32 in Hyderabad zone, and 20 in Balochistan zone. The raids resulted in the seizure of domestic and foreign currency worth more than Rs 799,060 US dollars and other foreign currency worth more than Rs 380 million. Furthermore, over Rs 3.67 billion Pakistani rupees were recovered, and more than 28 plazas, markets, and shops were sealed during the operations. The FIA also obtained the support of law enforcement agencies for the arrest of the accused individuals. The agency is committed to taking punitive action against hundi and illegal currency exchange traders and will impose strict punishment on those involved in the smuggling of foreign currency.


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