30 police officers suspended for smuggling allegations


In a significant development, authorities in Sukkur have taken action against illegal activities related to Iranian oil and the smuggling of custom-paid vehicles in the region.

The crackdown has led to the suspension of 30 police officers from their duties, with forced retirements as a penalty.

However, after a thorough inquiry by the Department of Anti-Corruption, four police officers were reinstated due to the lack of evidence supporting the allegations against them.

Following the inquiry, a final order has been issued to release the suspended police officers from their duties.

Notably, 15 officers faced forced retirement, and an equal number were dismissed from their positions.

The affected officers include members from various ranks, such as ASIs, head constables, sub-inspectors, and constables.

The decision to suspend these officers was made last year, pending further investigation and reporting by the Anti-Corruption Department.


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