100 people dead from flooding in Brazil as government promises assistance | Latest Update on Floods


Rescue crews are working tirelessly to save survivors as floodwaters displace 160,000 people across the southern state of Rio Grade do Sul in Brazil. The death toll has risen to 100, with many still missing.
Nearly 400 municipalities have been affected by heavy rains, injuring hundreds and forcing thousands from their homes. The state is facing a high risk of more floods, with rainfall expected to continue.
Residents are struggling without access to basic necessities like drinking water and electricity, while communication services remain down in many areas.
State Governor Eduardo Leite warned that the situation is likely to worsen, especially in the state capital of Porto Alegre. Emergency services are working around the clock to rescue those in need and provide aid.
President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has promised to provide all necessary resources to help the affected residents, acknowledging the financial strain faced by the state. The full extent of the floods will only be known once the water levels recede to normal.
Thousands of soldiers, firefighters, police, and volunteers are involved in rescue efforts, with the Brazilian navy sending their largest vessel to provide additional support.
Despite the challenges, residents like Luan Pas and Adriana Freitas remain resilient, facing the devastating impact of the floods with courage and determination.


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