وقت تبدیل ہو رہا ہے۔۔۔ آپ بھی تبدیل ہو جائیے!


If I were to go back fifteen, twenty years, internet access was possible through a card and its use was limited. But now, internet devices are available in every household and internet is provided twenty-four hours a day, so whether it’s children or adults, they use it according to their needs because everything has its benefits and drawbacks.

Similarly, due to the unlimited availability of the internet, discussions are now being held on topics that were previously not talked about or talked about less. There are many different videos available on topics like good upbringing and bad upbringing, and now more is being written and read on this subject.

On these pages, there is an article titled ‘Boys should also be brought up’, and I would like to talk about this topic in different ways today. Because it is certain now that the center of upbringing should not only be girls, but also boys. Because in life, when you bind both together in the bonds of marriage, they have to make a life together like the two wheels of a car.

The society we are part of calls girls ‘precious treasures’. That is why they are taught from childhood ‘get married tomorrow and go to another house, what will you do by studying so much, pay attention to household chores!’ So if a girl does not show interest in household chores, mothers still try to instill in her the importance of household work by using various tactics so that she can do household chores.

But in the same society, boys are not told to finish any work at home, not told that time waits for no one. If mother and sister are present today, it does not mean that you should not learn how to live, instead, our mothers say that they do not want boys to come to the kitchen. And you let it be, the camera will burst. Why do you need to iron clothes, all these tasks are meant for women and so on. I would like to say to these mothers, let’s change the way of upbringing together and make life easier for your sons and for yourself.

1) Keeping the room tidy
Generally, boys have the habit of spreading their clothes, books, and other things in the room and mothers are responsible for cleaning the room by folding things and then when things are scattered everywhere, they also become irritated and shout at home. Therefore, from a young age, explain to your sons to fold things and create a habit of keeping things in their place so that others’ work does not increase and they also have convenience.

2) Cooking
Understanding that boys should not only make tea or fry eggs is important and also that boys have no work in the kitchen is wrong, so not doing anything even when needed, this behavior is definitely not correct. Therefore, teach your sons from a young age that coming to the kitchen will not hurt their manhood, so they should help you too so that someday they can do everything themselves.

3) Washing clothes and ironing
In today’s industrial age, there is a machine for washing clothes in every home, yet boys have the habit of putting dirty clothes in the room and leaving, so at least this habit should be there that put dirty clothes in the bin or machine, and if there are no housemaids in your house to iron clothes, then it is definitely advisable to teach sons to iron clothes from the age of fourteen or fifteen, so that they are independent in handling their clothes.

4)Arrangement of belongings
Mothers who raise their sons with care and love, this way, their belongings and other things are set aside and kept, and if they do not, then do not ask about the status of the set. Therefore, it is better to keep small items in the childhood of sons and make them understand it at an early age that they set their belongings themselves and do not depend on you.

5)Tea cup
Mostly, there is a trend of washing utensils from housemaids here, but we Pakistanis are so fond of drinking tea that it is made two to three times a day and then boys do not find it acceptable to wash their tea cup so mothers and sisters end up doing this job. Therefore, they have so many household chores that they do not have time for themselves so it is better to tell your sons to use any tea cup at any time during the day or keep any other utensil and wash it themselves, so that it is easy for you and they also develop a habit of doing small chores themselves.

Listening to some things or reading makes one feel strange that Pakistani mothers are encouraged to change their way of upbringing, but the truth is that changes are happening all over the world today and nations that accept these changes progress. Changes are needed with time, so you also change, make your life easier and make your son’s life easy for the future, because marriage does not mean sacrificing yourself, but being happy together.


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