EU Parliament Set to Approve Ban on Forced Labor, Focusing on China’s Labor Rights


Legislation is set to be voted on by European Union lawmakers that will ban products made using forced labor, with a focus on China’s Xinjiang region. The law, although not explicitly mentioning China, is expected to be used to block imports from the region where the Uighur Muslim minority resides. Human rights groups have reported widespread abuses in Xinjiang, including forced sterilization and coerced labor.
If approved, the law will give the European Commission the power to investigate supply chains outside the EU for signs of forced labor. Products found to be made using forced labor will be seized at the borders and removed from the European market. Importers will also be required to provide detailed information on manufacturers for at-risk goods.
While critics argue that the EU law falls short of the US ban on products from Xinjiang, EU lawmaker Maria Manuel Leitao Marques has called for cooperation with international partners to prevent the sale of forced-labor products in other countries. EU will create a database of forced labor risks to aid in enforcement of the law.


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