Zelenskyy visits Kharkiv as Ukraine reports partially halting Russia’s offensive in ongoing conflict | Updates on Russia-Ukraine war


Ukrainian President Zelenskyy visited Kharkiv where he met with military leaders and wounded soldiers. He stated that the situation in the northeast is “very difficult” but assured that it is “under control” after the Ukrainian military was able to partially stop the Russian advance, particularly in the town of Vovchansk.

Zelenskyy received reports from commanders in Kharkiv and acknowledged the challenging conditions but praised the soldiers for inflicting significant losses on the Russian forces. The Ukrainian army successfully slowed down the Russian troops during a tough phase of the conflict.

Despite Russian claims of advancing on all fronts, the Ukrainian army spokesperson stated that the situation in Kharkiv was complex but evolving dynamically, with the enemy’s advance in certain areas being halted.

While in Kharkiv, Zelenskyy visited wounded defenders and awarded them for their service and bravery, expressing gratitude on behalf of Ukraine. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed that Russian plans to capture Vovchansk were foiled, preventing a significant territorial gain for Russia.

Nevertheless, Russian-installed official Vitaly Ganchev claimed that Vovchansk was close to liberation and Russian troops were advancing towards the village of Lyptsi. Ukrainian Interior Minister Klymenko accused Russia of detaining and killing civilians in Vovchansk as they sought to gain control.

There have been reports of civilian casualties in Vovchansk, but these have not yet been independently verified. Ukraine has evacuated nearly 9,000 people from the Kharkiv region since the recent Russian assault began, with Russia making significant territorial gains in the area.


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