Stunning 3D Illusions on Pavement: Artist’s Mindblowing Talent Goes Viral


A video showcasing an artist’s extraordinary talent for creating mindblowing 3D illusions on pavement is taking social media platforms by storm. The video, which was uploaded on Facebook, features the artist using chalk to draw realistic stairs, a road, a well, and a broken bridge on the pavement. The incredible artwork is capturing the hearts of viewers.

What sets this artist apart is not just their remarkable skills, but also their compassion for those who cannot afford toys. By taking the initiative to entertain children in such an innovative way, the artist is bringing joy and wonder to their lives.

Netizens have been quick to shower the artist with praise and heartwarming remarks, expressing their awe at the talent on display. This video is just one example of the countless videos of artists sharing their amazing 3D artwork on social media platforms. Each one is a testament to the boundless creativity and imagination of these artists.

In the world of art, there is also a growing interest in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Many illustrators and graphic designers are leveraging AI to create stunning illustrations and graphics. One such notable example is AI artist Gokul Pillai, who designed pictures of the characters from “Game of Thrones” wearing magnificent Indian wedding outfits. These illustrations beautifully combine fantasy and cultural elements.

The talent and innovation showcased by artists like these continue to captivate audiences around the world. With their unique abilities and imaginative creations, they bring joy, inspiration, and a sense of wonder to people of all ages.


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