Will Bilawal be able to replicate the charm and charisma of his mother in Pakistan?


Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, the young chairman of the PPP, is working to rejuvenate and modernize the party’s image, which has been controversial for years. He has stepped out from the shadow of his father and is making an effort to connect with the people. His interactions with a large crowd at a stadium inauguration in November 2023 are a testament to his approach. Despite his dynastic roots, some believe that he has the potential to revive the party’s dwindling support and the reputation of being a true ‘people’s party’. However, the challenge lies in whether his efforts will translate into electoral success and whether he can overcome the party’s demonization. Despite these challenges, some see him as a force in national politics and a potential future leader. His current efforts to attract younger voters and bring in fresh leadership are seen as a long-term investment in the party’s future. While the outcome of the upcoming elections remains uncertain, Bilawal’s endeavors are not going unnoticed.


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