What We Know So Far About US-UK Strikes on Yemen’s Houthis and Israel’s War on Gaza


The Houthi group in Yemen has reiterated its commitment to continue its attacks aimed at halting Israel’s war on Gaza, following the launch of strikes by the United States and the United Kingdom. These strikes targeted Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen and came after the US launched retaliatory strikes in Iraq and Syria against groups backed by Iran.

The Houthi group initially targeted Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea in solidarity with Palestinians, but expanded their attacks to include British and US ships after strikes were launched in Yemen by Washington and London.

The US and UK launched 36 strikes on Houthi positions in Yemen, targeting underground storage facilities, command and control centers, missile systems, and more. The US military also announced strikes on anti-ship cruise missiles posing a threat to military and commercial ships in the region.

In response to these strikes, the Houthi group reported being targeted by 48 attacks in multiple governorates in Yemen, with no casualties reported.

The Houthi targets were struck by fighter jets and military ships from the US and British armed forces, using Tomahawk missiles and other weaponry.

The strikes in Iraq and Syria targeted the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, a coalition of armed groups linked to Iran, and the external operations arm of the IRGC. The targets included command and control headquarters, intelligence centers, and ammunition storage sites.

The strikes were met with condemnation from Iran, Iraq, and Syria, who criticized the violation of their sovereignty. Analysts expressed concerns about the potential for a regional conflict to escalate further.

The Houthi group continues to demand a ceasefire in Gaza and has vowed to continue its attacks in response to the ongoing conflict.


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