What should the President do?


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During the reign of Ottoman Emperor Sultan Suleiman, there was a military strike in Bulgaria where soldiers went on strike. They complained about not being given proper food, poor quality of food, and unclean utensils. The commanders resolved the issue, but the information reached the Sultan through secret channels. Upon hearing about the strike, the Sultan sent reinforcements to Bulgaria and sparked a long war in Austria.

After that incident, the Bulgarian regiments never went on strike again. Sultan Suleiman later explained to his successor that the army’s job is war, and when soldiers are kept away from war for long periods, they become rebellious and end up fighting with their own state. The food for the Bulgarian soldiers was adequate, and they had been eating the same food for a long time, but when there was nothing left to pass around, they revolted and made their complaints heard.

Sultan Suleiman’s formula wasn’t just limited to the army. Most nations around the world keep their people busy. If people are idle and have nothing to do, they will engage in activities that may harm the state. This is especially true for the youth, who often engage in protests and discontent when they are not occupied with productive tasks.

It used to be different in the villages a few decades ago. Young people had to work in the fields with their parents, but now farming has become easier, and youth in rural areas are left without meaningful work. This has led to them spending their time on idle activities such as riding motorcycles and returning late at night, resorting to smoking cigarettes.

If we want to save our country, we need to make some changes in our structure. We need to provide opportunities for youth to engage in activities that keep them occupied and productive. This will prevent them from becoming idle and resorting to activities that harm society. This includes promoting sports, creating events and festivals, and providing recreational opportunities for all segments of the population.

By ensuring that our youth are engaged and have opportunities for growth and development, we can prevent them from slipping into idleness and unrest. The key to building a successful society lies in keeping our people busy and productive, so they do not resort to negative activities that harm themselves and the nation.

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