What is the mystery of the secret blue light in the sea of Karachi?


Photo: Express Tribune

A bright, shimmering turquoise light was seen in the waters of Karachi’s sea boundaries, which had left people amazed. However, now the reason behind it has been revealed.

Experts say that the waving and behavior of these lights is called bioluminescence, caused by a marine organism called Noctiluca scintillans. It is a chemical process in the sea where tiny organisms emit light in large volumes.

According to Muhammad Maazim Khan, technical advisor at WWF Pakistan, these marine organisms are the reason behind this shimmer, also known as sea fire or sea sparkle.

In Pakistan, these blooms occur three to four months later. The organism is smaller than a mustard seed and its presence in the sea is a sign of the sea’s richness.

It is said that if someone puts their hand in these shimmering waves, the organisms also continue to shimmer on their hands for a while.


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