Vietnam Finds Parallels Between Gaza War and Liberation Struggle, Reflecting Shared History with Palestine | Updates on Israel’s Conflict in Gaza


In a hidden venue located in a narrow alley in Hanoi, Vietnam, a crowd of over 20 individuals gathered to listen to Saleem Hammad, a dynamic 30-year-old Palestinian man who spoke fluently in Vietnamese. Hammad, a business owner in Vietnam, shared a poignant childhood memory from his time in Jenin, recalling a traumatic night when Israeli soldiers raided his family’s home.

Drawing inspiration from Vietnam’s history of fighting for liberation against the United States, Hammad touched on the parallels between Vietnam and Palestine’s struggles for justice. He emphasized how Vietnamese resilience has served as a guiding light for Palestinians in their quest for freedom.

Amidst Vietnam’s growing interest in Israel’s business culture, there has been a resurgence of support for Palestine among young Vietnamese individuals. Pro-Palestinian activists Trinh and Vuong spearheaded discussions and events to raise awareness about the Palestinian cause, drawing from their experiences studying in the US.

Despite Vietnam’s strict regulations on public assemblies, these activists have found creative ways to engage with the community, organizing art workshops, film screenings, and social media campaigns in solidarity with Palestine. The embassy of Palestine in Vietnam also hosted events commemorating those affected by the conflict, further cementing the bond between the two nations.

Although the relationship between Vietnam and Palestine has evolved over time, the spirit of solidarity and unity in their shared struggles remains unwavering. Through grassroots movements and cultural exchanges, Vietnamese youth continue to show their support for the Palestinian people and their fight for justice.


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